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Java Othello Openings

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Liste von mehr als 500 Namen, die von einer französischen Gruppe zusammen getragen und von Ben Seeley und Matthias Berg übersetzt wurden.

Liste von 70 Namen, die von Robert Gatliff zusammen getragen wurden. Die meisten Namen sind international bekannt.

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About this Applet:

This Applet reads in Robert Gatliff's catalog of Othello openings and provides an easy way to view any opening in the catalog.  In some cases an opening will have more than one sequence of moves to get to the same final configuration.  In this case only the first sequence from the catalog is used for that opening.

How to use the Applet:

When the Continuations Only checkbox is turned off, the list on the right side of the board will contain all of the available openings sorted by frequency of use, with the most frequently used
openings at the top. The frequency of an opening is and indicator of how often this move has been used during international tournament play.

In addition to being able to select an opening from a list of all of the existing openings, when the Continuations Only checkbox is on, only openings that continue the currently selected opening are listed.

When in Continuations Only mode, you can use the Predecessor button to select the "parent" of the selected opening.

The Board Orientation check boxes swap between the 4 different orientations for the selected opening.

The Play button will cycle through the moves of the selected opening endlessly until the Stop button is pressed or an opening is selected from the list.

If you want more direct control, you can use the First, Prev, Next, and Last buttons to traverse through the selected opening at your own pace.

Note that the board is not interactive.

Special thanks to:

  Bill Lorton Original author of the Java Othello Openings applet
Robert Gatliff who's catalog of Othello openings made this applet possible.
  Goran Andersson who suggested the Play feature.

  The board and discs in the original version were modeled in Rhino and rendered in POV-Ray.
  This version was redesigned by Matthias Berg.


The source code of this applet is available for download from this site. It is released under GNU General Public License (GPL). The following link describes the GPL, if you are unfamiliar with it: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html . It basically says you can do anything you want to the source code provided that you leave the original license intact and that the source must be publicly available for any derived works of the original source code.

Download the source code of the first applet.
Download the source code of the second applet.
Download the source code of the original applet.

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