ZoLu - Game server project

ZoLu screenshots

You can play at several different websites, but only few servers have advanced features like configurable timers, game archives and automated tournaments. Many players are unhappy with the existing game servers, so I have started many years ago to develop a game server on my own. Brainstorming with other players I have created a long list of requirements. Over the years I have added several more ideas to that list.

ZoLu is a short form of Zona Ludendi which is the latin version of gaming zone. The current version is not yet ready to run on its own and it is missing even some basic features. But there already are some features that do not exist on any game server and they made it possible to give better Othello classes than it would have been possible on any other server.

As the development used up a lot of my spare time and even some of the time that I should have used for my university studies, I decided to put this project on ice for now.

For further information you can go to: http://zolu.eu.