XOT 1.0 ~ Standard version

XOT-v1.0.7z (4.36 MB)
XOT-v1.0.zip (4.49 MB)

Standard version contains 3 themes (default, marble, wood).

XOT 1.0 ~ Mini version

XOT-mini-v1.0.7z (263 kb)
XOT-mini-v1.0.zip (313 kb)

Minimized version only got the default theme and an (almost) empty favorite list. The default theme is also only in one size, so it may not scale as well as the default theme in the standard version.

XOT ~ Theme pack

XOT-theme-pack.7z (5.02 MB)
XOT-theme-pack.zip (5.16 MB)

The theme pack contains some themes/skins that are not fully supported. That means in general they should work, but as many of them only got one or two sizes, they don't scale as well. It's rather a design study.

The lists

Large list with 10784 openings.
Small list with 3623 openings.

Install notes

Just unzip and run the xot*.jar. As it is an executable .jar file, it should run on most operating systems that have Java.

If you are running Windows and a double click doesn't work to start the application, you might want to try this link